Secure Service Edge (SSE)

Cutting-edge security, based in the cloud

Close the gaps in your security posture with the modern, scalable solution

The Problem

Legacy security technology can’t keep up with modern threats. Growing and changing enterprises require a scalable, modernized security solution that surpasses what’s available in networking solutions, like SD-WAN, alone. They invest in disparate solutions like Firewall-as-a-Service (FWaaS), Secure Web Gateways (SWG) and Cloud Access Security Brokers (CASB), but lack a single-source solution that can grow and change with the enterprise.

The Solution

SSE is a cloud- based platform that offers the cutting-edge security and analytics component complementary to your network. SSE expands upon the existing network infrastructure and unites security services into a reliable and agile cloud-delivered platform. Operating on a Zero-Trust model, SSE allows enterprises to protect their data with a series of sophisticated safeguards, reducing potential liability and aiding the organization to meet existing and emerging compliance regulations.

The Halo Difference

Halo Global partners with the TOP 3 SSE and Zero Trust providers to provide our customers an agnostic approach to the product selection life cycle. We understand and account for the unique needs of today’s enterprises, who often operate in disparate locations and employ remote workers, accruing never before seen security risks.  Our unique co-management model allows us to serve as your collaborator, giving you the power to choose your level of involvement in your project, and the access needed to solve problems and make changes at will. 

Our white box solution, no risk contracts, and no termination liability mean you can remain nimble without the usual consequences, tailoring your solution to meet the changing needs of your enterprise as they arise.


Software-defined Zero Trust
Secure Web Gateway Cloud Firewall
SaaS Protection


Enhance enterprise security posture Keep software and network investments secure
Ease the transition to SD-WAN Augment existing SD-WAN network infrastructure
Reduce moving parts in technology transitions Robust protection from cybersecurity threats
Coordinated and cohesive threat protection across the network Cost savings
Comprehensive deployment, support, and management inc. 24/7/365 Network Monitoring with Halo Global


Simplify Growth and Change with SSE

Halo Global is a flexible partner in SSE and other network technologies that make growth and change simpler for your enterprise. Learn more about our co-managed SSE solutions and no-risk service model by speaking with an expert.