Next Generation Firewall

Advanced Defense Against Dynamic Threats

Keep malicious actors out of your network with a next-gen firewall

The Problem

Enterprises who utilize intrasite routing may not want to direct traffic unnecessarily to the cloud and back. Enterprises seek a solution that shortens the distance their data travels, or that can serve as a traffic gateway for their data center. Without an existing cloud networking solution, SSE doesn’t fit their needs, and a legacy firewall lacks the modern security features that can contend with an increasingly robust threat landscape. They may also seek to add an extra layer of on-prem security in addition to an SSE solution.

The Solution

Next-Gen Firewalls are on-prem security devices that serve as a security checkpoint for online traffic. A Next-Gen Firewall can work in concert with or in lieu of SSE, depending on the modality of your network. It features the legacy technology utilized in a traditional firewall, in addition to a suite of new and sought-after features that surpass the capabilities of traditional firewalls.

The Halo Difference

Halo Global takes a consultative approach to network building and augmentation. In addition to providing cloud-based security solutions, we assess the critical needs our clients present and can recommend and facilitate the procurement of Next-Gen Firewalls, from sourcing to procurement and management. We offer field tech dispatch, extending your access to expert hands and eyes for unloading, installation, and repair. 

Our unique co-management model allows us to serve as your collaborator, giving you the power to choose your level of involvement in your project, and the access needed to solve problems and make changes at will. 

Our white box solution, no risk contracts, and no termination liability mean you can remain nimble without the usual consequences, tailoring your solution to meet the changing needs of your enterprise as they arise. 


UTM feature sets Advanced threat protection
Segmentation capabilities Advanced traffic monitoring
Intelligent detection of suspicious activity


Gain additional intel on cybersecurity threats and incidents Reduce the travel distance of potentially sensitive data
Protect data centers and intrasite routed networks Can aid in PCI, GDPR, HIPAA, and other compliances
Cost savings Comprehensive deployment, support, and management inc. 24/7/365 Network Monitoring with Halo Global


Simplify Growth and Change with Next Generation Firewall

Halo Global is a flexible partner for Next-Gen Firewall and other security technologies that make growth and change simpler for your enterprise. Learn more about our co-managed security solutions and no-risk service model by speaking with an expert.