Global Connectivity

All of Your Mobile Needs, All in One Platform

Mobility without rigid contracts, long terms, or unreliable coverage

The Problem

Remote work and regional, national, or global expansion create a dire need for enterprises to equip themselves with reliable connectivity services that go where they go. Managing billing, device procurement and turn-down, contract negotiation, and other factors costs time and money, and diverts employee focus away from their core competencies. Mobility contracts are often long-term, and dissolving or changing these services can be prohibitively expensive and hard to accomplish.

The Solution

A Global Mobility solution is a comprehensive, single-source project that covers key areas of mobility, from devices to coverage to contract negotiation and more. An expertly assembled Global Mobility solution streamlines all of your mobility needs into one easily manageable package with all of the features your enterprise needs to thrive. Halo Global takes the risk out of mobile contracts, allowing you to adjust coverage, switch providers, and expand your mobile network at little to no cost in the majority of cases.

The Halo Difference

A co-managed mobility solution gives you the control you want over your mobile devices, while allowing you to delegate tedious tasks to your dedicated account representatives and the expert team behind them. 

Halo Global offers a vendor-agnostic and comprehensively tailored set of Global Mobility solution options. Our unique co-management model allows us to serve as your collaborator, giving you the power to choose your level of involvement in your project, and the access needed to solve problems and make changes at will.  

Our white box solution, no risk contracts, and no termination liability mean you can remain nimble without the usual consequences, tailoring your solution to meet the changing needs of your enterprise as they arise.


LTE/5G – SIM and MODEMs or embedded within Halo Global hardware Dedicated Internet
Broadband Satellite
VPN Replacement Comprehensive deployment, support, and management inc. 24/7/365 Network Monitoring with Halo Global


Easy single-source management Flexible and easy contract change / termination with Halo Global
Expert advocacy for negotiations Improved UX and CX
Robust, reliable network Wide geographic network coverage

Simplify Growth and Change with SD-WAN

Halo Global is a flexible partner in Global Mobility plans and other edge networking technologies that make growth and change simpler for your enterprise. Learn more about our co-managed Global Mobility solutions and no-risk service model by speaking with an expert.