Technology Solutions

Solutions for Growth

Halo Global provides agile solutions that empower growth and help you face change with confidence.

Cutting-edge Agile Solutions

Halo Global lives on the cutting edge of technology. We help our clients do the same with innovative solutions and service models that reduce the growing pains an enterprise faces. 

Working with Halo Global means mitigating long contracts, termination liabilities, and the time and expense of fork-lifting a solution, allowing your IT team to make the best decision for today without being locked into a solution that may not serve you well in the future.

Think of us as your hedge against a changing technology and business landscape: a flexible provider of next-level solutions that help you overcome challenges and stay agile, wherever you go.



Agile site-to-site networking that keeps you nimble and connected throughout change and growth.


Acute networking and security solution that merges the agility of SD-WAN with the robust security of SSE.


Cloud security equipped with the features today’s enterprises need to mitigate increasing cybersecurity risks.

Next Generation Firewall

On-prem protection, next-gen security features. A highly intelligent firewall with expanded capabilities for greater control.

Global Connectivity

Scalable, customizable solutions for staying connected across devices and locations.

The Halo Difference

Unique Co-management Model

In many cases, a service provider will maintain total control over the solutions you choose, forcing your company to rely on their customer service and adhere to their terms in order to use your solution. At Halo Global, we put the power back into your hands with our co-management model, where you choose your level of involvement and receive the necessary keys and tools to operate your own solution.

Grow with Halo

One of our core values as a business is to help our customers achieve greater operational maturity. We do so by enhancing your technology infrastructure and teaching your IT department how to use the solutions you choose. We believe that it’s our responsibility and privilege to educate our customers, level-up their technology architecture, and play an integral role in the growth of their enterprise.

No Risk Service Model

Our white box solution, no risk contracts, and no termination liability allow your business to navigate change and growth without worry. In the majority of cases, Halo Global can help you adjust or terminate contract terms, including switching vendors and scaling service up or down, at little to no cost to you.

Halo Global is a flexible partner in innovative edge networking technologies that make growth and change simpler for your enterprise.

Learn more about our fully co-managed solutions and no-risk service model by speaking with an expert.