Halo Global is your hedge against a changing technology and business landscape.

Halo Global’s unique service model sits at the crossroads of three concepts: 
co-management, education, and no-risk service. Both of these methods allow you to move forward with your plans and goals while we handle the backend.

Professional Services

Managed Network

+ Security Services


24/7/365 Network Monitoring Proactive Network Services Responsive Security Services Field Tech Dispatch
Flexible Contracts and Terms Vendor + Platform Training Runbooks and Playbooks Dedicated Account Manager


Increase your operational maturity

We help enterprises move from their current level of technological and operational maturity to the next level, empowering growth and increased efficiency across multiple areas of the business.

Add efficiency and productivity to your enterprise

Improved network efficiency means higher productivity for employees and a better experience for customers. 

Agile technology that adapts to rapid change

The world isn’t static – neither is your enterprise or the technology landscape it resides in. We help you make swift pivots and adapt to your changing needs during growth, scaling, and expansion.

Dedicated edge networking partner

Edge networking is what we do best. We’ve carefully crafted our services and solutions around this core competency and the philosophies that align with it, giving you purely the best possible service with no conflict of interest or distractions. 

We live life on the edge so you don’t have to.

Hedge your bets with Halo. Learn more about our fully co-managed networking solutions and no-risk service model by speaking with an expert.