Still searching for the perfect SD-WAN Solution & Support Provider?

Halo can fully procure, activate, and manage your network while delivering the customer experience you have always been promised but never received. While other carriers just push their own products, we have relationships with all of the top SD-WAN providers and can ensure your business gets the exact solution it needs.

Don’t be fooled by big-name providers. SD-WAN offers incredible savings, but only when a trusted partner configures and deploys it properly.

Selecting an SD-WAN Provider Can Be a Struggle

Between pushy salespeople, confusing jargon, and lack of knowledge about SD-WAN, many enterprises struggle to find a partner that truly meets their needs. Halo Global, however, is different. We offer a vendor & carrier-agnostic solution that supports multiple internet providers and SD-WAN platforms.

We’ll completely configure, deploy, manage, and support your global network, while delivering a level of service most enterprises only dream of.

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Our vendor-agnostic SD-WAN solution means businesses get fully managed configuration, installation, and support.

Global Connectivity

Every location on a worldwide scale stays secure and online while businesses have only one contact and one bill.

Managed Network Services

We take on WAN and LAN management for global enterprises, no matter the vendors or platforms involved.

SD-WAN Helps Enterprises Slash Their Spending

When your network runs on fully-optimized SD-WAN, you can accrue significant soft-cost savings on operative expenditures.

Not only won’t you lose revenue due to downtime, but employees won’t have to deal with carriers or spend endless hours troubleshooting connectivity issues. Modern SD-WAN can also replace expensive, ineffective monitoring solutions at a fraction of the cost.

But that’s just the beginning…

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What Our Clients Say

Finally: a provider that actually delivers on what they say. Their client-first approach is such a relief compared to directly dealing with internet and SD-WAN providers. Halo’s attention to detail is refreshing, and they know how to communicate risk so a client can make informed business decisions. I highly recommend Halo Global as a managed SD-WAN solution provider.

Jarle Johansen,
Durable Energy