The Halo Global Vision

Halo Global envisions a world where IT teams have a partner that can provide them with the services they need today and give them the freedom and flexibility to adapt to tomorrow nimbly. A provider that can take the risk out of making technology decisions. A provider that surpasses expectations and redefines “comprehensive.” So, we became that partner.

An Outlier in the Technology Space

We are a carrier-independent infrastructure provider specializing in services for SD-WAN, SASE, and LAN Switch/WAP. Our unique approach to this role is a product of the needs of our customers, with features like:


You choose your level of involvement in managing your technology, and we provide full transparency and access throughout the lifecycle of your solution.

No-risk service model

We eschew the risk of inflexible contracts and penalties, allowing you to seamlessly transition to a better fit when you outgrow or scale away from your solution.

Edge specialty

We’re not a carrier with a subpar solution to sell. We are experts in edge technologies and SD-WAN solutions and are committed to lifelong learning, helping you stay ahead of the curve.


Technology Assurance

We envision a world where the usual risks, long-term commitments, and difficult contracts are a thing of the past. Our Technology Assurance Guarantee is our future-proof approach to technology infrastructure.

Company Values


We are dedicated to the kind of lifelong learning that allows us to continually improve our expertise and expand our knowledge of the changing technology landscape, helping you continue to thrive in uncharted territory.

Robust Customer Service

Our team deeply values your satisfaction, and we are committed to showing up with a speedy and knowledgeable response whenever you need us, helping you avoid costly downtime and other issues, big and small, as they arise.


Change can be slow or fast, big or small – no matter what’s around the corner, Halo Global is equipped with agile solutions and expert services rendered by knowledgeable people. Our clients are empowered to face the future with our strength, proficiency, and cutting-edge service model in their corner.


Our unique co-management model is built on the collaboration of our providers and our experts. We collaborate with you and with our teammates to offer the best possible solutions and provide the highest level of service.


Halo Global is a people-first company. We put the needs and goals of our clients and our team members first, treating people with respect and courtesy and sharing our strengths to become better together.

Insure Yourself Against Change

Halo Global is a flexible partner in innovative edge networking technologies that make growth and change simpler for your enterprise. Hedge your technology bets with our fully co-managed solutions and no-risk service model.