Halo Global is your hedge against rapid change in technology and your business.

Technology changes quickly, as does your business environment. The ROI of the investment you make in technology depends on how long and how well your decisions serve you. Halo Global gives you the flexibility that ensures your technology can change and adapt as quickly as your needs do. Our white box solution, no risk contracts, and no termination liability mean you can remain nimble and not be locked into long-term infrastructure contracts.


Technology Assurance

We envision a world where the usual risks, long-term commitments, and difficult contracts are a thing of the past. Our Technology Assurance Guarantee is our future-proof approach to technology infrastructure.


Halo Global’s unique service model sits at the crossroads of three concepts: co-management, education, and no-risk service.

Advanced Technology Solutions

Halo Global lives on the cutting edge of technology. We help our clients do the same with innovative solutions and service models that reduce an enterprise's growing pains.

Hands-On Support

Trust is earned, and we earn it every day with our responsive and personalized support. We’re dedicated to being a partner that elevates the standard for how a technology partner keeps your enterprise’s technology up and running.

Our clients receive a dedicated, tiered support team, including names and phone numbers, with a minimum of 3 Tier 4 (highest) resources. Your support team is permanent, allowing us to establish continuity and build institutional knowledge of your account

Tier 1 and Tier 2 support issues are automatically escalated to your dedicated team for visibility and post-mortem evaluation, with no delay in assignment: you’ll receive a response in 5 minutes and be on a call with a support representative in 15 minutes to start troubleshooting.

We are dedicated to providing highly responsive, reactive customer service from teams who genuinely care about your company and your satisfaction.

Halo SMB

Robust but affordable solutions designed to support the needs of any small business in partnership with Netskope.

Insure Yourself Against Change

Halo Global is a flexible partner in innovative edge networking technologies that make growth and change simpler for your enterprise. Hedge your technology bets with our fully co-managed solutions and no-risk service model.